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Enhancing Mobile Alert Response
  1. Paging Systems

    Distribution/Manufacturing of Paging Systems. The Paging Systems are High Performance, High Value Systems that allows Customers to Perform Instant Messaging to Industry Standard Tone/Vibe, Numeric and Alphanumeric, as well as Messaging to Electronic Display Units and other Paging Data Receiver Devices.

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  2. WallPagers

    The Many different styles of LED signs allow limitless variation whether you decide to use POCSAG compatible Apollo Wallpagers (pictured), or Adaptive LED boards which can be controlled by various 3rd and 1st party software.

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  3. Pagers

    Pagers are still essential to hospital, healthcare and emergency response teams. The value of reliable emergency communication via wireless paging systems remains high today,where steady, reliable communication is critical and physicians and nurses need to be alert and respondent to patients' needs.


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