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WaveWare Software Products

Unlimited Clients - (P/N= 0212-0003)

3 Concurrent Clients - (P/N= 0212-0004)

3 I/O Ports Active - (P/N= 0212-0007)

1 Additional I/O Port - (P/N= 0212-0010)

WaveWare Alert Utility Software allows you to Monitor up to Qty 4 Serial Ports for a Variety of Alarm and Messaging Conditions.
Output Protocols Supported Include:  
WaveWare Enterprise Messaging, Direct Serial TAP, SMTP, SNPP, LED Message Boards and Serial Port Plain Text.
WaveWare Call Manager Software is Designed to Monitor Service Call Requests from Both Inovonics Wireless Transmitters and from Wired Call Systems.
Development Environments  include Microsoft  .NET C# and Visual Basic.
WaveWare Technologies  can Provide Software Development Services for Windows Based Systems and fo Embedded Microcontrollers.
Enterprise Server Software Supports Both On-Site Paging (TAP) and Wide-Area Paging (SNPP).
Enterprise Client Software Supports Display of the Enterprise Pager List and Management of your Personal Pager Group List.
Enterprise Client Software also Supports Both One-time and Recurring Scheduled Messages.
WaveWare Enterprise Messaging Software (Unlimited Clients Edition) also allows the use of a Web Broswer Client.
Password Protected Pagers are also Supported.
Input Protocols Supported Include:  TAP, Plain Text / COMP1, COMP2 and Inovonics(tm).
WaveWare Alert Utility Software Supports Output to Both Individual Recipients and Recipient Groups.
WaveWare Alert Utility Software can be Configured to Monitor up to 250 Match Strings or 250 Inovonics Transmitters.
WaveWare Alert Utility Software Combined with Inovonics(tm) Wireless Transmitters and a WaveWare SPS-5 Series Paging System can allow you to Create a Wireless Nursecall System for
the Assisted Living Marketplace.
WaveWare Enterprise Messaging Software allows you to Perform Wireless Messaging from Multiple Workstations on a LAN.

 (P/N= 0212-0022)

WaveWare Call Manager Software while Monitoring Service Call Requests will Notify Call Activation and De-Activation Events via Pager and LED Message Boards.
WaveWare Call Manager Software Logs the Event History and Provides a Report Generation Utility.
WaveWare Call Manager Software has an "Active Alerts" Screen to allow Viewing and Force Cancelation of All Active Alerts.
WaveWare Call Manager Software has an "Assign" Screen which Allows the User to Assign and Un-Assign Rooms to a Call Device.
WaveWare Software Development Services
Embedded Microcontroller Experience includes 8051 Derivatives.
WaveWare RSS to LED Sign  Software is designed to Deliver RSS Feed Headlines to Adaptive Micro-Systems and Electro-Matic LED Message Boards using a Variety of Control Features.

 (P/N= 0212-0024)