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Power Supply for Mobile Amplification Kit

WaveWare RF Power Amplifier Kits Include: A 25, 50 or 100 watt Mobile Amplifier, 15 Amp Power Supply and Fiberglass Antenna and Mounting Hardware with all Coax Cables Required.

WaveWare Mobile RF Amplifier Kits

Mobile Amplfier

Fiberglass Antenna

15 Amp Power Supply

  25 watt Kit - (P/N= 0007-1002)

  100 watt Kit - (P/N= 0007-1008)

  50 watt Kit - (P/N= 0007-1003)

  Antenna Only
(P/N= 0801-0106)

  25 watt Amp Only, no Antenna, no P/S
(P/N= 0007-2403)

  (P/N= 0801-0106)

 Power Supply Only
 No Antenna, No Amp
(P/N= 0000-0959)

Antenna with 25Ft. of Coax Cable(P/N= 0007-1005)

  25 watt Amp with P/S, no Antenna
(P/N= 0007-1001)

Antenna with 50Ft. of Coax Cable(P/N= 0007-1006)

13.8 vDC  Regulated Output