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WaveWare:  DMG -   Data Mediation Gateway - Protocol Converter, Combiner, Splitter.
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In Addition to our own products, WaveWare Distributes the following fine products:

Gold Apollo Pagers, Paging Systems, Wireless LED Message Boards
CommTech Wireless Paging System Hardware Products
Adaptive LED Message Boards, Sign Software, Remote Control
WiPath Communications Paging Data Receivers and Terminals
TPL Linear RF Amplifiers
972.479.1702 Phone
972.479.1735 Fax
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March 2016



WaveWare Technologies, Inc.

Mobile Alert Response System

State-of-the-Art Embedded System Supports Management of Active Alerts for Mobile Response Teams

Supports Monitoring of Nurse Call Systems, as well asMonitoring of Inovonics and Bluetooth LE Wireless Sensor Signals

Tracks Active Alerts and Logs Alert Management Activity

Annunciates Alerts to Digital Displays and to LED Lamp Based

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Electro-Matic LED Message Boards, Sign Software, Remote Control
WaveWare:  SPS-5 v9E -   Our Latest Edition to our v9 Series Paging System Product Line - Supports up to 3 Simultaneous Connections - A Ethernet Port that allows 2 TCP/IP Socket Connections and a RS-232 Com Port for Serial Communications.
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WaveWare:  SPS-5 v9S  Single Com Port Paging System
WaveWare:  SPS-5 v9E Ethernet Port Paging System
WaveWare:  OMNi Messaging Server
WaveWare:  MARS (Mobile Alert Response System)
WaveWare:  PT-5000 v9 Series High Power Paging Terminal
WaveWare:  DMG - Data Mediation Gateway
WaveWare:  Enterprise Messaging Software
WaveWare:  Call Manager Software
WaveWare:  Alert Utility Port Monitoring Software

SilverCom Alarm Contact Monitoring Devices

comPPage Alarm Contact Monitoring Devices

Issue #103


Nurse Call Alert Messages and Business Messages can be Delivered to Pagers, Smart Phones and Email

Simultaneous Nurse Call Monitoring via Two Serial Ports and up to Two Ethernet Socket Connections

For more Information, Click on the Specifications Link

Featured New Products

Ethernet Port and 
2 Serial Com Ports

Daviscomms Alphanumeric and Numeric Pagers

Gold Apollo:  Gold Alphanumeric Pager
Gold Apollo:  924 Alphanumeric Pager
Daviscomms:  Br802 Alphanumeric Pager
Daviscomms:  Br502 Numeric Pager
Adaptive Micro-Systems:  LED Message Boards
Electro-Matic:  LED Message Boards
Gold Apollo:  LED Wallpager Signs
comPPage:  PIA-3264 Alarm Contact Monitoring
comPPage:  DVIF-10 Alarm Contact Monitoring
SilverCom:  API-8 Alarm Contact Monitoring
SilverCom:  API-64 Alarm Contact Monitoring

WaveWare Technologies, Inc.
WaveWare:  OMNi Messaging Server-   Our Newest Addition to the WaveWare Line of Products. The WaveWare OMNi Messaging Server allows you to Combine Nurse Call Alerting with Business Messaging in a Single Embedded System.
Combine Pagers with Smart Phones for Alerting. 
For more Information, View the Product Brochure Here:  OMNi Messaging Server Specifications


WaveWare is Now Offering New Products and Services Aimed at the " Mobile Alert Response Markets "

Radio Text Paging - Smart Phone Messaging - Browser Messaging - Email Messaging - Wireless Call Systems
VOIP Solutions - Nurse Call Mobility Enhancements - Mobile Response Team Productivity Improvements
Specialty Sensors - Asset / Staff / Resident Tracking and Much More!

Our Newest Products and Services Include:

Supports Alert Notification to Radio Paging Systems, Smart Phones and E-Mail

Tracks Bluetooth LE Based Mobile Asset Proximity and Elopement Risk Events

Designed to Message to Mobile Response Teams using Low Message Latency Techniques

Simultaneous Browser Message Monitoring via Multiple Browser Connections

Messaging Server

Aimed at  "Enhancing Mobile Alert Response"

Configurable by Browser or PC Software

WaveWare:  Mobile Alert Response System (MARS) -   A State-of-the-Art Embedded System that Supports Management of Active Alerts for Mobile Response Teams. Supports Monitoring of Nurse Call Systems as well as Monitoring of Inovonics and Bluetooth Wireless Sensor Sensors and offers so much More.
For more Information, View the Product Brochure Here:  WaveWare MARS Brochure

Browser Messaging

Simultaneous Low-Latency Smart Phone (Android) Messaging Connections