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( Model Number Ex:   215R, 4120C, Beta Brite Prism, Etc.)

( Ex:   The 215R Part Number is: 1026-1211 )

Sign Remotes

( PN= 1072-1112CLF   Works with Most Alpha Signs and older Beta Brites)

( PN= 1072-9001   Works with New Beta Brite and the Prism Signs)

Sign Accessories

( PN=  1088-1114B   Assign an IP Address to the Sign for Networking)

( PN=  1036-9010   PC Adaptor with Cable for RS-232 Communication)

( PN=  1196-100201   PC to Sign Cable for USB Communication)

( PN=  1088-9040   Converts RS-232 Serial Communications to USB)

( Model Number or Description of Product)

Sign Power Supplies

( P/N= 4021-1208A   Plugs into  BACK   of Sign  7 vDC)

( P/N= 4025-1203   Plugs into  SIDE  of Sign, Not for 215's  7.5 vDC)

( P/N= 4035-1201   Not for use with any other Sign Models  7.5 vDC)

Sign Software

( P/N:  1092-9116   PC Software for most Adaptive Alpha Signs)

( P/N:  1102-9102   PC Software for Beta Brite Classic Signs)

( P/N:  1196-600501B   PC Software for Beta Brite PRISM Signs)

( Ex:   0212-0004)

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