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Curtis Rock - VP Engineering
DOE 7/1/97

Curtis Rock is a principle shareholder and is responsible for Business Strategy, Product Development, Product Support, and Sales Support functions.

Curtis has been an Entrepreneur since 1993, first founding Rock Systems, Inc. in Dallas, then spinning off Waveware Technologies, Inc., in 1997. WaveWare acquired the paging system assets of Rock Systems during the transition.

Curtis was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma and resides in Garland with his wife Janet.

WaveWare Employees

Janet Rock - President
DOE 12/3/97

Janet Rock is a Principle shareholder and is responsible for Financial and Human Resources functions.

Since 1993, Janet has been intimately involved in the development of the WaveWare infrastructure and business practices.

Janet was been an Entrepreneur since 1993, helping found Rock Systems, Inc. and then WaveWare Technologies, Inc. In 1997, Janet sold her interest in Rock Systems to form WaveWare Technologies, Inc.

Janet was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and resides in Garland with her husband Curtis.

Mike Valdez - Product Production / Pager Production 
DOE 2/26/02

Mike is responsible for Product Production and helps with Pager Production and Repair.

Mike was raised in the Dallas area and resides in Irving, TX. with Michelle and their children.

Dick Morrison - Operations Manager/Purchasing
DOE 9/23/02

Dick is responsible for all Production Operations.

Dick has extensive experience in Wireless Communication Systems and Pager Repair.

Dick was raised in New Jersey and resides in Dallas with his wife and two children.

Bob Clyburn - Technical Support/Sales/Webmaster
DOE 11/1/02

Jackie Albaugh - Customer Service / Sales / Shipping
DOE 3/14/05

Jackie is responsible for Customer Service.
She also helps Support Sales and Shipping.

Jackie was raised in East Texas and resides in Heartland, TX. with her husband Scott and their daughters.

Send Mail to: webmaster@wirelessmessaging.com with Questions or Comments about this Website.

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Jamie is responsible for Company Financial Management.

Jamie has over 13 years of Accounting and Finance experience.

Jamie was raised in the Dallas area and resides in Wylie, TX.  with her husband Mark and their 3 children.

Jamie Davis - Business Manager
DOE 3/19/12

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Bob is Responsible for Technical Support, Supports Hardware Product Development, and Supports Complex System Sales. Bob is also Responsible for Creating and Maintaining the WaveWare Website, Product Brochures and Technical Drawings and helps to Create the Product Manuals.

Bob has extensive experience in Pager and Systems Repair and experience in Product Research and Development.

Bob was raised in the Mesquite area and resides in Wylie, TX. with his wife Glenda.

Diego Martinez - Pager Production / Repair
DOE 2/24/14

Diego is responsible for Pager Production and Repair.

Diego was raised in Mequite and resides in Dallas, TX.  with his cousin.

Kim Miller - Shipping / Receiving / Customer Service
DOE 5/05/14


Kim is responsible for Shipping and Receiving.
She also helps with Customer Service.

Kim was raised in Illinois and resides in Heartland, TX. with her husband Steve and their Sons.

Alex Tyuluman - Technical and Network Support
DOE 5/08/14

Alex is responsible for Network Support and Technical Support.

Alex was raised in the Richardson area and resides in Dallas, TX. with his wife Ashley.