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RF Amplifiers - Complete Kits

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Thank you for Purchasing from WaveWare Technologies, Inc.

(Ex: 469.7250 at  5 watts )

This Order Form is for Ordering "RF Amplifier Kits and Accessories", Boosters and Repeaters Only

Ex:  For Ordering Complete  Systems Packages or Only Pagers, Software Products or other Parts and Accessories)

If never had a Amp installed you cannot just add one now, as the Paging System MUST be Tuned to the Amp or it may Damaged it.  Paging Systems will need to be sent to WaveWare to be Tuned to the New Amp or Order a Complete System and Amp Package.

UHF Antenna Only Kits

RF Amplifiers - Amp Only Kits

Apollo  RF 5-watt UHF Booster

WaveWare Requires the Frequency to be used with these Amplifiers and Boosters to be sure to ship Correct Frequency Band Product

(Ex: 467.8000 at   2 watts )

IMPORTANT Note:  The Following Products are for Replacement Amplifiers Only Not for adding to a system that Never had a Amplifier.

For Apollo TE-Series 1-watt Paging Systems ONLY... No Other Systems will work with this Product.

Apollo  RF Paging UHF Repeater

For Extending Paging Coverage to Problem Areas. 2 watts is Recommended. Works with any POCSAG Paging System.

Amplifiers for Existing Paging Systems

Apollo Booster

Apollo Repeater

Note:  The Following Products can be Added to Existing Paging Systems.

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