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Alert Utility Software

WaveWare Alert Utility
Allows you to monitor up to 4 serial ports for a variety of alarm and messaging conditions. Input protocols supported include: Plain text /COMP1, COMP2, TAP, and Inovonics(tm). Output protocols supported include WaveWare Enterprise Messaging, direct serial TAP, SMTP, SNPP, LED Message Boards, Text to Speech.

     Alert Utility supports output to both individual recipients and recipient groups. Alert Utility combined with Inovonics(tm) wireless transmitters and a WaveWare paging system can allow you to create a wireless nursecall system for the assisted living marketplace. Alert Utility can be configured to monitor up to 1,200 match strings or Inovonics transmitters. Each of the match strings can be configured to translate to a different output message, and to repeat the message output a fixed quantity of times until either a reset event is recognized or until the message repeat count is met. The match strings can be configured to perform escalation paging when the message repeat count is met. Each alarm point can have individually defined repeat/escalation mode configurations.

3 I/O Ports Active - (P/N= 0212-0007)

 or   for 1 Additional I/O Port - (P/N= 0212-0010)